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This privacy policy serves as a straightforward explanation of how Faith Dashboard collects and handles your personal information.

This privacy policy was last updated on June 27th, 2022.

Secure Connection

Your connection to Faith Dashboard is fully encrypted via HTTPS, including (but not limited to) all stylesheets, scripts, and images. For more comprehensive details, see the SSL Labs report for

Local Storage

The apps on Faith Dashboard use the HTML5 Local Storage API to store user-inputted data and preferences. All of this data remains on your computer, and can be cleared through your web browser. The data contains no personally-identifiable information except whatever information you may enter into the app.

Account Creation

When you create an account on Faith Dashboard, Faith Dashboard will upload the contents of your dashboard to its servers. Your first name, last name, email, and dashboard are all private and only visible to you. Your password is stored in a secure hashing format on our databases to protect your account.

Account Deletion

If you created an account, you can request this data to be deleted by emailing from the email you signed up with.

Google Analytics

Faith Dashboard uses Google Analytics. I only use this information to examine traffic trends and visitor statistics (i.e. the percentage of Chrome users). However, you would need to read the Google Analytics privacy summaryto understand how Google collects and uses this information. I do not otherwise share this information.

Email Privacy

The only time Faith Dashboard will email you is if you request a password reset, or in response to a support request. If you choose to email support, your email will not be shared with anyone else with anyone else, nor will you be opted into any marketing emails.


This privacy policy may change at any time. When changes are made, the date at the top of this policy will be updated.

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